Facebook Marketplace for Real Estate

January 24th, 2011 by Ruth Ann Macklin

A number of you have asked me about Facebook Marketplace so here’s the skinny as I know it…of course things are changing constantly!

Is Facebook Marketplace a good place to market your listings?

  • Over 1 million people shop for real estate on Facebook Marketplace.
  • 96% of Millenials belong to a  social network.
  • 55-65 year old women are the fastest growing segment.
  • If Facebook were a county is would rank 3rd in size behind China and India.

Is Facebook Marketplace free?

facebook marketplace

  • You can get your first month FREE!
    RE50 is the coupon code to get your first month free.
  • The system offers one-stop syndication.
  • Tracking effectiveness and results is available.
  • Listings are also exposed to the Oodle network.
  • Post and manage multiple listings at a time.
  • Information is safe and secure.

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