2011 Real Estate Marketing Ideas – Ways To Triple Your Production

January 26th, 2011 by Ruth Ann Macklin

Last year’s post, Real Estate Marketing Ideas to Boost Your 2010 Production, has received a lot of attention in the last couple of weeks generating many phone calls and questions. Much has happened in the last year with loads of new marketing tools available and its time for an update. So here goes. This year’s list includes some tried and true favorites, as well as the latest tech and social media ideas.

2011 Real Estate Marketing Ideas

Print Marketing

  1. Update business cards/stationery/marketing templates with links to your social networking sites.
  2. Add QR Codes to your business cards, property flyers, newsletters and any other print material.
  3. Create a neighborhood newsletter for your farm or neighborhood where you live.
  4. Create business cards or postcards marketing a service or stealth website.

Listing Coordination and Marketing

  1. Add to all your websites.
  2. Create virtual/video tour to add to all websites.
  3. Syndicate listing with use of (free) or similar software.
  4. Enhance listing on with headlines, text descriptions, video, additional photos, call to action promotion.
  5. Upload to Craigs List weekly.
  6. Tweet with
  7. Blast email your database.
  8. Post on your blog.
  9. Add photo album to your Facebook page.
  10. Add QR codes to all print material.
  11. Post a video on You Tube.

Email Marketing

  1. Send high quality email birthday and anniversary cards.
  2. Send weekly/monthly email newsletter.
  3. Offer free online Webinar for first time buyers, tax credit, short sales, etc.
  4. Email local Weekend Events tips.
  5. Email local holiday events.
  6. Email home maintenance tips.
  7. Offer raffle or drawing with other local businesses.
  8. Send local interest rate and financing news.
  9. Send an invitation to your social networking profiles.
  10. Ask for testimonials on your social networks.


  1. Use a keyword search tool and confirm your keywords and metatags are relevant.
  2. Offer free IDX home search.
  3. Offer free listing alerts.
  4. Offer free market analysis.
  5. Write about other local businesses on your blog.
  6. Comment on other local blogs.
  7. Create niche website or blog.
  8. Add Facebook Connect to your blog.
  9. Create ebook and require name and email to download.
  10. Host a contest with local businesses.
  11. Post to blog 2-3 times per week using relevant keywords.
  12. Add links to your social networks.
  13. Create and upload videos for first-time home buyers, selling a home, short sales, avoiding foreclosure.

Sphere of Influence

  1. Send something of value monthly.
  2. Send hand written birthday and anniversary cards.
  3. Hold client appreciation event.
  4. Give free pumpkins at Halloween.
  5. Give pies at Thanksgiving.
  6. Send Santa letters
  7. Give a calendar.
  8. Hold drawing to get email addresses.
  9. Send monthly or quarterly market reports.
  10. Call and ask for referrals quarterly.

Social Networking

  1. Join Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn.
  2. Comment on 3-5 posts daily with links to your blog or website.
  3. Create Facebook page for your business with a custom Welcome page.
  4. Add video testimonials to your business page.
  5. Comment on local business pages.
  6. Update your status daily on your Profile and Business pages.
  7. Create a ‘365 Things To Do’ Facebook page with events and activities in your area.
  8. Use software such as to post to all social networks at one time.
  9. Use to connect with local people.
  10. Send birthday wishes to friends.


  1. Sponsor a home buyer workshop.
  2. Join a local networking group.
  3. Get involved in the Chamber of Commerce.
  4. Join Realtor national networks.
  5. Support a local charity and sponsor a fund raiser.

Short Sales/Foreclosures

  1. Add pages to your website explaining shorts sales and foreclosures.
  2. Offer a property search for foreclosures/short sales.
  3. Offer free listing alerts for foreclosures/short sales.
  4. Offer a free ‘how to avoid foreclosure’ seminar or webinar.
  5. Direct mail to owners behind on their payments.
  6. Offer free report – how to avoid foreclosure.
  7. Offer free report – pros and cons of buying foreclosure.

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